Starting a Paleo Diet

Part of rider fitness, for me, has to include nutrition. Right now, I honestly eat like crap. There are way too many times when I end up stopping at McD’s on the way to the barn and cramming down a cheeseburger once I arrive. I eat a lot of sugar and processed foods and just general crap. I’ve been “doing” Weight Watchers since January 1, and have lost about 25lb (almost 10% of my starting weight)… but all I really do is track the points. I don’t get enough veggies or water, and so on and so forth.

I’ve been reading about Paleo/Primal diets for years now, and have always wanted to give it a go. I sometimes get through as many as two meals and then give up, because I don’t have the right foods in the house. I tend to do better in certain areas when I go whole hog on them, so I decided this weekend to sign up for the free trial of PaleoPlan and stick with it for two weeks. Their plan doesn’t include any dairy, which I think (hope) to ultimately add back in, if I do end up doing this long term. I can’t fathom life without cheese. So we’ll see.

Now that I’m employed again, I had the luxury of being able to go buy all the groceries I needed for the first week. I went to Trader Joe’s and the local supermarket and spent about $130 total. I already had some of the items, and some will last more than one week, so I guess I’d say it cost me about $100 for the stuff just for this week. That feels like a lot, although I don’t suppose it’s much more than I’ve been spending.

Since I just went shopping this morning, I’m skipping the breakfast and lunch from today’s plan and starting this evening. I have a lot of prep work to do if I’m going to get through the week. I packaged out the meats I needed and froze the rest already; next up is some veggie chopping, making muffins, and getting things ready for tomorrow’s lunch, snack, and dinner.

I’m excited to try this but a there’s definitely a bit of trepidation involved. I’m looking at it as one day at a time, though. The biggest hurdle is that many of the breakfasts have a 20 minute prep time. While I technically wake up early enough to do this, in the morning I am slower than molasses in January. Since I know that, I’ve got a backup plan of green smoothies in case I can’t manage an omelet. The breakfasts do look really filling and nutritious, so I’m hoping to get those in.

I’m also hoping that eating this way provides good fuel for me working out more. I’ve heard that the first two weeks can be really hard as you no longer get that spike from grains and sugars. I guess we’ll see, eh? I’ll tell you one thing I’m really excited about: Because I wasn’t spending so much on prepackaged stuff, I justified buying some extra leafy greens. Trader Joe’s had lamb’s ear, which I love and never buy because it’s “too expensive.” I’m having some with my dinner tonight.


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