A Bit of a Fail Week, Fitness and Otherwise

Paleo Progress, or Lack Thereof

I started this week with great intentions for eating Paleo, but by 3pm on Monday I was ready to start shrieking at people and completely fell down on it. I’m finishing out the week having hardly done any cooking, but I’ve been trying to avoid grains. I’ve definitely had a fair bit of diet Mt Dew, though. Ahem. I’ve eaten more vegetables than usual, so that’s a positive step. I froze all of the meat and need to do more cooking this weekend, and plan better for at-work snacks.

I’ll do a review of PaleoPlan’s menu planning service once I’ve been at it a bit longer, but I think this week’s Monday was a bad day to start with. Breakfast was carrot-banana muffins and ham, and while the muffins don’t have grain or refined sugars, they do still have a lot of sugar (bananas, dates, and carrots). I was starving within an hour and a half after eating them, so I started eating my lunch early. I had chicken and kale. I’d oversalted the kale, so it was actually kind of gross, but I finished as much of it as I could… and was then super hungry again by 1pm. So I ate berries with almond butter, and (can you guess?) was ready for a gigantic dinner by 2:30. I didn’t have any other good snacks at work, so I um, ate some Doritos that were in my desk drawer.

Today I had beef jerky and coffee for breakfast, and am still not quite hungry. So I think I just need to not eat so much sugar, regardless of the source, and go from there.


So far I haven’t completed the first day of Week 1 of C25K training. I now have Vibram Five Fingers Speeds (on which another post soon), and I absolutely adore them based on the small amount of jogging I’ve done in them. I went out on Tuesday to try to find a trail (since I prefer not to run on pavement or in public) and ended up at a local park. No trail, but there was a narrow gravel path along the edge between the park and some small cliffs, so I used that. And then some creepy guy in mirrored sunglasses started vaguely following me around, standing, staring, and smoking. I felt weirded out and there weren’t a lot of people to observe, so I left. I asked some running friends for suggestions and I’m going to try the Montour Trail tomorrow after work.


Totally forgot about Burpees +1 both yesterday and today. I’m going to start over tomorrow morning. Otherwise, I haven’t done a lot. Work has been really busy and stressful, and I’ve had a lot of errands to run, so my brain is more or less fried by the time I get home. That’s why I haven’t really called any other affiliates or anything. I should still be doing more exercise.


I haven’t been able to ride yet this week. I’m going to the old barn tonight; the horse I normally ride is off at a youth horse show, so I’m riding a different horse who needs a tighter rein. Apparently her canter is difficult so I won’t be trying that. We’ll see how it goes. I’m pretty tired right now so I’m not even looking forward to it, but once I get out there and smell the barn smell (I KNOW) I’m sure I’ll feel pretty good.

So that’s that. Hoping to do more focused posts over the weekend, when I have some time.


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