C25K: Week 1, Day 1 FINISHED

Here’s the RunDouble map of my run, with paces, if you want to see it!

I sort of meant to do this yesterday, but I was having a weird depressed kind of day, and didn’t. This morning I woke up and knew that if I put off this run until later, it wouldn’t get done… so I just got ready and went to the Montour Trail. This is a rail trail that’s not too far away from my house, so it’s got a nice flat grade and is mostly crushed limestone.

I wore the VFFs, again going with the “it’s not like I have a running technique yet anyway” strategy, coupled with the fact that this is a short run. I did the five minute warmup walk, then paused the RunDouble app to do a couple of stretches. I need to add better stretching, on which more anon.

The trail was already pretty busy at 8:30am on a Sunday, but not crowded. Normally my anxiety would’ve said “you don’t want to jog in front of these people and look like a jagoff!” but I talked myself into it, since they were all there to get some exercise, too. One woman in particular passed me four times in both directions, ha ha, but that’s OK. After I got started, I didn’t feel too anxious about it anymore.

Halfway through the intervals my left leg was kind of bothering me; I think I have an old knee injury that I never got looked at, and the inside front of my knee is a bit unstable and tends to hurt. The leg and foot started to feel slightly numb by the end, but not too bad, and it wasn’t really painful — just annoying. Still, I think before I get very far in this program I’m going to see a doctor and just have them check everything out.

I really wanted to quit after the third or fourth interval and just walk, but I kept going, and in the end it wasn’t bad at all, plus I had a great feeling of accomplishment. I do feel slightly nauseated now; I didn’t eat anything before I went out, so next time I’m going to be sure to have something light first. (Probably berries and almond butter, which is what I ate after the run.)

Vibram Five Fingers observation: I think my foot strikes are OK. My heels didn’t bother me at all. My calves were definitely feeling worked out, but I’m a beginning runner, anyway. Again, not painfully so. In the past when I’ve tried to run, I’ve used, you know, “running shoes.” Every single time I’ve gotten horrible pain on the outside of my foot on the bottom — it feels like bruising. I think it was because the shoes were trying to correct my stride or something. I have none of that. My feet felt great, even the right one, with its old lisfranc injury. My ankles also felt more stable because I had good feedback from the ground. I’m officially a VFF fan.

At the end, my hips felt super tight, and I absolutely cannot have that because it’s really, really bad to have tight hips when you’re doing equestrian stuff. So I’ve got to add stretches for that, for sure. I also need more stretching just in general, particularly as this ramps up.

But that’s my update for today. I’m really proud to have finished this day and I plan do do Day 2 on Tuesday, Day 3 on Thursday, and then start Week 2 next Sunday.


One thought on “C25K: Week 1, Day 1 FINISHED

  1. Congrats on day one – gotta start somewhere! 🙂

    I promise you that you will feel even more accomplished as the weeks go on and you increase your running times. Just don’t get frustrated if you can’t do a day; just try it again the next time. It took me 6 months to do the 3 month program and I felt awesome after! 🙂

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