Posted in June 2012

Missing the Barn

I haven’t been able to ride or go to the barn since Saturday, so it’s been an entire week. I was hoping that over the summer I could increase my riding time, but it hasn’t happened. I reinjured my back on Sunday moving furniture around and it’s pretty well seized up where I hit it when … Continue reading

At Least My Heels Are Down, Mostly

At Least My Heels Are Down, Mostly

I got to go ride again on Friday, and I even rode Willow off the lunge line for the first time. We stuck to walking only, and pretty slow walking at that, but it was really good. I wasn’t nearly as nervous as I had been on Thursday, although I’m still a little… it’s like … Continue reading

Getting Back on the Horse

I went a-riding. I rode Willow again because the instructor knows I like her, but she did point out that Willow is a difficult horse to ride. The thing I like about her is that she is so willing to work. You ask her to do something and she does it… you just have to … Continue reading

Spook and a Fall

This week, I officially let my old barn know I was switching. I’m going to miss some of the folks and definitely the horse I rode there, but this is for the best. This post is going to end up being the story of a fall, but first, I want to emphasize how much I … Continue reading