At Least My Heels Are Down, Mostly

I got to go ride again on Friday, and I even rode Willow off the lunge line for the first time. We stuck to walking only, and pretty slow walking at that, but it was really good. I wasn’t nearly as nervous as I had been on Thursday, although I’m still a little… it’s like I’ve forgotten I actually can ride and have to remind myself that I’ll be OK. My husband tagged along this time and took some pictures and videos for me. I’ll share them here; please keep in mind that I am a novice rider and don’t laugh too hard at my riding, OK? I think my foot/heel position looks a lot better than it did when I started, but still needs improvement… and of course all this was at a walk. I think you can see in the video off the lunge that I got more nervous and started trying to hold on with my heels. Anyway, here we go:

Beautiful Willow

Yes, my right boot zipper is separated.

And the videos:


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