Missing the Barn

I haven’t been able to ride or go to the barn since Saturday, so it’s been an entire week. I was hoping that over the summer I could increase my riding time, but it hasn’t happened. I reinjured my back on Sunday moving furniture around and it’s pretty well seized up where I hit it when I fell off of Koda. Any kind of turning or arching my lower back is pretty painful. It’s gotten better this week, but it’s not 100% yet.

I could’ve gone out on Wednesday to groom and help out, but of course my back was killing me, the doctor suggested I NOT ride until at least next week, and the pain medication they gave me makes me woozy and pretty much knocks me out. I can’t go tomorrow, since we’re getting cable installed and the arrival window is more or less “whenever we elect to show up.”

But: This coming weekend, all our stuff that’s still in storage in Michigan will be getting here, and we’ll be able to get most of the house reorganization and cleaning done. That will free up my evenings a lot. Plus I’ve gotten a lot of other things under control. As long as I can handle the heat (it tends to make me feel nauseated), I’m hoping to move to twice a week in mid-July or so. At the very latest, by September.

I’m still fearful when I ride, because I’m afraid I might fall again, but it’s getting better. I haven’t been able to run yet, either, so I miss that, too. I feel like a couch potato.


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