Life Gets In The Way

I don’t have any real updates about riding or running or anything else right now. As so often happens, the rest of life has gotten in the way. I’ve had some family issues arise that have required a fair bit of attention; we also had to move all our stuff from Michigan to Pittsburgh (on a day with a 121F heat index, which was, I assure you, fantastic). Between those things, work, and slight lingering back problems from my fall, I haven’t been able to ride in a few weeks.

I did get out one Saturday a few weeks ago, and had a great ride with Willow off the lunge line, even with some trotting (although we ended up putting her back on the lunge after I tensed up and she went faster — no great surprise there). Since then, all I’ve really been able to do is pine from afar.

I quit smoking as of last Wednesday, July 11, so all the money I’m not spending on cigarettes is going into a horse fund. That, at least, is some progress, I suppose.

Thankfully, my instructor M has been very understanding and said just to let her know when I’m able to come out again. Hopefully the family issues should settle down by the end of summer, if nothing else. Meanwhile, I am just missing time around real horses. I’ve been getting a little bit into model horses (Breyers, for now); they’re great, but hardly a replacement.

Still, I’m going to try my hand at customizing a Breyer this week, and I found a great forum for model horse collectors (Model Horse Blab). I’ll probably be posting here about model horses as well as real horses.


3 thoughts on “Life Gets In The Way

    • I’m in Pittsburgh now. We lived near Detroit for 3 years, then I moved back here (grew up here) and husband was still there for work. We’re finally both in Pgh so we had to move lots of stuff! It was disGUSTING. This week isn’t any better.

      • Where at in Detroit? Just curious 🙂

        And I can only imagine how gross that must have been to move in this! You guys have similar weather there, right? Yuck, yuck, yuck. I like 70-75 at most! 🙂

        I have a 5k to run next Sunday.. I’m hoping it’s not one of those 80% humidity and 80′ at 8:00am kind of days!

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