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Life Gets In The Way

I don’t have any real updates about riding or running or anything else right now. As so often happens, the rest of life has gotten in the way. I’ve had some family issues arise that have required a fair bit of attention; we also had to move all our stuff from Michigan to Pittsburgh (on … Continue reading

Missing the Barn

I haven’t been able to ride or go to the barn since Saturday, so it’s been an entire week. I was hoping that over the summer I could increase my riding time, but it hasn’t happened. I reinjured my back on Sunday moving furniture around and it’s pretty well seized up where I hit it when … Continue reading

A Bit of a Fail Week, Fitness and Otherwise

Paleo Progress, or Lack Thereof I started this week with great intentions for eating Paleo, but by 3pm on Monday I was ready to start shrieking at people and completely fell down on it. I’m finishing out the week having hardly done any cooking, but I’ve been trying to avoid grains. I’ve definitely had a … Continue reading

Climbing Into the Saddle

Welcome to my new equestrian blog. I’m a new equestrian, and it’s a new blog, so that applies two ways. Here, I plan to talk about my experiences with riding; this sort of encompasses general fitness (so I can ride better) and weight loss (see previous parens). So, let’s do an introduction, shall we? My … Continue reading